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Mediterranean Jam Jar Salad

I love food. I seriously do. I also love cooking. While I’m by no means Jamie Oliver, I’d say that my cooking skills are more than decent. As I’m a vegetarian for a couple of years now, I always try to find vegetarian recipes for dishes I used to eat as a child. That makes me experiment and try a lot of different things.

Now I tried something new, I definitely didn’t steal from somewhere else. (Oh, yes I did!) I call it the “Mediterranean Jam Jar Salad”. It’s a layered salad with different ingredients in a… jam jar. Obviously. Hence the name!

It is really simple to make if you have an attention span of at least 15 minutes. And this is what it looks like:

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This year I decided to travel abroad during Christmas to escape the usual madness. Laura and I therefore settled for Amsterdam and visited the capital of the Netherlands from the 20th until the 26th of December.

I’ve only been to the Netherlands once before even though some of my cousins are actually Dutch. So you can image my excitement to visit the country a second time.

We walked over 60 kilometers during these six days and traveled way more by public transport. While we visited more places than you can find on the map, not every venue had free Wi-Fi, so we couldn’t check in to every place (I got the data from Foursquare).

It was the first time that I traveled with my new camera — the α7 II — and was eager to test it. While the weather wasn’t perfect we had some sunny days. All in all I took nearly 500 photos. Here are my favourites from the trip. Enjoy!

I liked a lot about Amsterdam. It is an incredibly beautiful city especially the area around the Grachtengordel. As I like food, I was also impressed by the Foodhallen, the different cafés (three different links) though what I liked most was definitely the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Good Taste

We all face this problem. We have amazing ideas but we struggle as soon as we work on them. I’m writing online for over six years now and my execution is still lagging. But I know that my ideas are good, even great sometimes. I have good taste and one day I’ll have what it takes to execute them. They will “be as good as my ambitions”.

Milk, Salt & Rennett

Oftentimes there is a belief that paying more for something is bad unless the quantity of the product does up. It goes against what many people think is a “good deal.” This unsustainable belief is terrible for high quality, handmade products that require time and effort to create and eventually forces the quality of such products to go down.

Some months ago I decided to stop buying low quality, mass produced goods and instead focus on products of higher quality. This approach helped me to stop impulse buying and instead ask myself if the thing I want to buy in this particular moment will help or change a part of my life to the better. If the answer is yes, I start doing research to find the product which best suits my needs.

I haven’t done this with food yet but I’m planning to change that.

Sounds of the Tanner Goods Workshop

Even though I don’t particularly like leather goods1 (except belts), I’m a fan of hand-made products. This behind-the-scenes video from Tanner Goods showcases every sound created by their machines while crafting a product.

I’m also starting to realize that a lot of those shops are based in Portland.

  1. I have to admit though that I want to get this bowl for my dog.